Artifacts are the remnants of lost Orokin technology. They are highly sought after by all three factions for their impressive potential to turn the tide of battle. They grant "passive" actions such as health regeneration or extra ammo.

The frame around the Artifact symbolizes its rarity and a number of lines or Roman numerals in the top right corner of each Artifact corresponds to these rarity groups. Rares are gold bordered with a I Roman numeral. Uncommons are silver bordered with a II Roman numeral. Commons are bronze bordered with a III Roman numeral.

Receiving multiple of the same Artifact on an account has no current benefit.


Artifacts may be rewarded through the completion of alerts. An artifact can only be received in this way if the alert indicated that there was a random reward available. You can also get an artifact from the daily Login Rewards.


To equip an artifact:

  1. Navigate to your profile by clicking in the upper left of the main screen.
  2. Select the option DECK at the bottom will display.
  3. Select one of the Artifacts displayed to make it active.

These artifacts can also be displayed by clicking the artifact equipped on the Select Mission screen located directly underneath the Planet information. Clicking on an artifact will select it as the one to use. Only one artifact can be equipped from your deck at a time. Artifacts provide bonuses for all squad members. The effects of artifacts stack when multiple members using the same type of artifact.

Special Event ArtifactsEdit


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There are 3 new artifacts for the special event weekend. You must play and complete one of the special alert missions “Secure the Artifacts” to obtain them.
Corrosive Projection Shield Disruption Infested Impedance
Panel Panel Panel
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List of ArtifactsEdit

Name Description
Enemies appear on Mini-map.
Enemies in a certain area appear on the mini-map as red dots. Can be stacked with the mod Enemy Sense and with more Enemy Radar artifacts.
Energy Siphon Warframe energy regenerates.
Regenerates energy of all team members at a rate of 1 energy every 2 seconds. Duplicate Energy Siphons increase regen rate.
Physique Maximum health increased.
Increases maximum health of all team members by 5% of their total health.
Pistol Scavenger Increased Pistol Ammo recovery.
Enemies/crates/containers/corpses drop more pistol ammo.
Rejuvenation Team health regenerates.
Regenerates health of all team members at a rate of 1 health every 2 seconds. Must take no health damage for 10 seconds for regeneration to begin.
Name Description
Rifle Amp Rifle damage increased.
Increases the damage dealt with all primary weapons and types.
Rifle Scavenger Increased Rifle Ammo recovery.
Enemies/crates/containers/corpses drop more rifle ammo.
Shotgun Scavenger Increased Shotgun Ammo recovery.
Enemies/crates/containers/corpses drop more shotgun ammo.
Sniper Scavenger Increased Sniper Ammo recovery.
Enemies/crates/containers/corpses drop more sniper ammo.
Steel Charge Melee weapon damage increased.
Increases the damage you deal with melee weapons by 10%, but not the charged attack.
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