Mastery Level 0
Type Staff
Base Damage 25.0
Base Firing Rate 1.3
Accuracy 100.0
Base Charge Damage 75.0
Base Charge Speed 1.0s
Polarities 17px
A two-handed, reinforced staff, that can send multiple enemies airborne.

–In-Game Description

The Bo staff may at first glance appear to be an exceptionally weak weapon, but easily compensates for its low damage output by causing a guaranteed stumble/stun on regular attacks, and can knock down or throw enemies in an area with its charge attack. This makes the Bo more of a utility tool for crowd control and creates easy openings for maximum damage with stronger weapons. It is devastating when used with shotguns and the Bronco. Be careful when using the charged Bo to break things, as it may hit windows along with it, smashing them apart as well.



  • Ignores Armor (effective against Grineer).
  • Triple damage for slide attack.
  • One 17px polarity slot.
  • Huge radius.
  • Can hit multiple targets at once.


  • Low damage
  • Slower than the average weapon.
  • Very small jump attack knockdown radius.


The Bo can be purchased for File:Platinumicon.png 65 and the blueprint for File:Creditsicon.png 15,000.

Manufacturing Requirements
Resource Quantity
Orokin Cell 1
Salvage 900
Ferrite 600
Alloy Plate 150
Credits File:Creditsicon.png 15000
Build Time 12 hours
Rush Build File:Platinumicon.png 65

Weapon LoadoutsEdit

Main article: Category:Bo Build

See the user build section for builds using this weapon.


  • Since one of the last Updates (8.0) all parts of the Bo are recolorable.


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