Mastery Level 0
Type Burst-Fire Rifle
Base Damage 21.0
Base Firing Rate 3.3
Accuracy 25.0
Base Clip Size 45
Base Ammo Size 540
Base Reload Speed 1.9s
Base Critical Chance 5%
Base Critical Damage 150%
Polarities 18px
The BURSTON fires 3-round bursts, which provides a balance between the lethality of automatic rifles and the accuracy of semi-automatic rifles.

–In-Game Description

The Burston is one of the intermediate weapon choices when you are looking to replace the MK1-Braton. The Burston is a burst-fire rifle, and this lowers its DPS in comparison to automatic rifles. However, it performs decently at long range, as it has good accuracy, low recoil and a decent damage per burst if you land at least one headshot.
Theoretically, it is a powerful weapon, able to kill even the strongest non-heavy enemies in the game (excluding those in Endless Defense) with a single well-aimed burst once properly modded.



  • A 18px polarity mod slot.
  • Accurate burst shots.
  • Good base damage.
  • Coordinates very well with mods.


  • Burst-fire can be uncomfortable to use for many players and is less effective against groups.
  • Punishes missed shots more than faster-firing weapons
  • Weak against heavily armoured targets initially.
  • Semi-automatic, meaning that even if frame rate is only slightly lower than whatever ideal DE has, maximum rate of fire (and damage per second in turn) will plummet.
  • Doesn't really shine until heavily modded.


This weapon can be bought for File:Platinumicon.png 120 and the blueprint for File:Creditsicon.png 15,000.

Manufacturing Requirements
Resource Quantity
Morphics 1
Polymer Bundle 100
Alloy Plate 300
Nano Spores 600
Credits File:Creditsicon.png 25,000
Build Time 12 Hours
Rush Build File:Platinumicon.png 45

Weapon LoadoutsEdit

Main article: Category:Burston Build

See the user build section for builds using this weapon.


  • Be patient and find a rhythm with shooting to fire at a faster rate.
  • Switch to an armour piercing weapon when dealing with heavily armoured targets until appropriate mods or upgrades have been secured.
  • Compensate for the climbing recoil by moving the mouse down during each burst. Doing this can allow all 3 rounds of a burst to be headshots at medium range and can also be used to keep all bullets on target for long-distance shots.
  • The effects of the climbing recoil can be passively reduced by increasing the fire rate via mods.
  • The Burston snowballs a bit faster but starts slower than other long-guns due to its burst nature and because it fires in bursts, its growth is less linear than automatics as a target may die from 4 bullets, but that requires an entire second burst to be fired.
  • Commonly regarded as the worst rifle in the game due to its low DPS and difficulty to control.  It actually has similar time-to-kill with semi-automatics and almost comparable DPS to the Braton. NOTE: As Burston functions like a semi-automatic, DPS and TTK comparison to the Braton applies only if the player's frame rate does not hinder the player's fire rate with the Burston (which is a common problem for semi-auto users).
  • At long distances, aiming the first shot at the torso of enemies will help to guarantee at least one headshot in a burst.


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