Ceramic Dagger
Mastery Level 1
Type Dagger
Base Damage 25.0
Base Firing Rate 1.5
Accuracy 100.0
Base Charge Damage 70.0
Base Charge Speed 1.0s
Polarities 18px
This short blade weapon was built using ceramic. It has limited range but comes out fast.

–In-Game Description

The ceramic dagger has a very similar visual aesthetic as the Cronus, however it is noticeably shorter. The jump attack of this dagger has a very tiny AoE which knocks down, at most, only the enemy you land on top of.

The dagger deals increased damage against armored targets by 50% making it more devastating against Grineer. Infested chargers receive 50% less damage from this weapon. Fighting infested with this dagger is not recommended. Due to the ineffectiveness of this weapon, and the rare materials needed to build it, most suggest not to craft this weapon.

The Ceramic Dagger can be sold for File:Creditsicon.png 5,000 and the blueprint for File:Creditsicon.png 2,500.


This is a Piercing weapon.


  • Decent attack speed
  • Decent base damage
  • Decent charge attack damage
  • Armor piercing
  • Very effective against medium grineer (50% damage bonus)
  • Has one 18px polarity slot


  • Short range
  • Tiny Jump attack radius
  • Very weak against infested chargers
  • Awkward attack animation


The Ceramic Dagger blueprint can be acquired from alert missions with a "?" on the reward list.

Manufacturing Requirements
Resources Quantity
Gallium 2
Ferrite 500
Rubedo 300
Polymer Bundle 75
Credits File:Creditsicon.png 15,000
Build Time 12h
Rush Build File:Platinumicon.png 25

Weapon LoadoutsEdit

Main article: Category:Ceramic Dagger Build

See the user build section for builds using this weapon.



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