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Clans are groups of players associating themselves under a single name, like a team. A Fan Site Kit is available to help clans make their sites look legitimate.


  • Gives access to clan chat which can be used by every clan member.
  • Allows you to be able to contact other players more easily.
  • Ability to join session of clan members.
  • Possibly to get help from more advanced players.
  • Members in your clan list can be removed from the contacts list making it easier to manage.
  • Can participate in Clan Dojo construction


Joining a clan is done by being invited to a clan and accepting the invite. 


Clans can be created in the game with the contacts window by typing in a name of a clan that has not yet been created.

Ranks and RolesEdit

There are 8 ranks and roles available in a clan. Ranks are not strictly seniority or levels of authority, but rather a set of "Roles" (privileges) for a player within the clan. Players are assigned ranks by anyone with the Promote role (up to their own level by default) or Regulator Role (top 2 by default) by clicking on the member in the clan view of the contacts window in game.

A clan creator will always start as a "Warlord" and have all roles available to him/her.

Default AssignmentsEdit

Rank Ruler Recruiter Regulator Promotion Architect Host Treasurer Tech

Roles DefinitionsEdit

Role Definition
Ruler may change the roles of other ranks and edit the "clan message"
Recruiter can invite others to clan
Regulator can discharge/kick from clan
Promotion can promote others to ≤ own rank
Architect can draw from clan coffers to build or destroy sections of the Clan Dojo
Host can host the Clan Dojo
Treasurer can withdraw resources from clan vault
Tech can queue Dojo Research

Clan DojoEdit

Main article: Clan Dojo

Clan Dojos are the meeting place for a clan as well as a location that Clans can group together to perform Research.

Clan ListingEdit

You can see a listing of clans here.

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