Credits File:Creditsicon.png are the standard currency in Warframe. They are used to purchase Weapons, Blueprints, and Consumables from the market. They are used in the Foundry as a cost to create an item from a blueprint. Credits are also used in fusing Mods together to create more powerful versions of a mod.

Every time a player completes a mission, they will normally be given a credit reward dependent upon the difficulty of the mission. Players also receive a team credit bonus equal to one tenth the base mission bonus multiplied by the number of team members in the game (No longer happens post update 7.8, needs confirmation). Alert missions often come with a high credit reward which is added to the missions normal credit reward.

Credits can also be obtained from enemy drops, breaking containers, and searching lockers. They can also be gained by selling ModsFusion CoresWeapons, Warframes, and blueprints from a player's inventory. Resources and Sentinels are the only types of items that can't be sold. Credits cannot be gained with real world money directly.

Increasing Credits GainedEdit

File:Credit Booster.png
A unique item sold for Platinum can also double the amount credits gained through pick ups in game.

Farming tipsEdit

These are based on opinions and may not be true. These should be viewed as advice unless proven undoubtedly true. Check comments for confirmation.

  • File:Warframe - Fastest credit farm (HD) 70 000 credits in 1 hour
    One of the easiest ways to farm credits is to repeatedly kill the boss of tolstoj system Captain Vor (Mercury). He has a 100% drop chance of a Cronus sword blueprint which can be sold for 2500 credits. If you don't mind your account stats, it is much more effective to abandon the mission as soon as you get the blueprint as shown in the video. This can earn you roughly 70 000 credits in one hour. (this method no longer works after the update 4/19/2013),
  • Another method might be to farm levels which drop high a high amount of mods which you can then sell for credits.
File:Warframe 4500 credits in 1 minute 36 seconds! Hydra Pluto.-0
  • There is a new way to get credits really fast. This requires a team of rushers or a high leveled frame. This will be a run in Pluto that is efficient since update 7.80. The run is on Hydra on Pluto.

You must rush to capture the target then go back to extraction. If you're unlucky your run may last 5 minutes or more. The reward is 4500 but may be more if you have a second Exterminate mission.

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