The Foundry is the menu to craft warframes, weapons, and sentinels in Warframe using blueprints, resources, credits, and time. Crafting takes 3 or 4 various resources and/or components and a varying amount of time. The Players currently collected Materials can be see in in the column to the right of The Foundry Window. It should be noted that the platinum cost to "rush" construction does not decrease with time and remains fixed throughout the forging process. It is also important to note that you cannot build duplicate items at the same time. For example, even if you have two Bolto blueprints, you will have to wait for the first to complete, before starting the second.

Forging WarframesEdit

Warframes are somewhat more complex and require you to buy the frame schematic, and then gather three blueprints to craft the subsections of the Warframe itself, in addition to the required materials. These are typically dropped from bosses, with each frame having a specific boss - however the recently introduced Banshee does not have a boss drop, and is awarded as a random reward in endless defense missions and at the end of raid missions. Warframe forging time can be decreased by paying the required amount of Platinum.

Each Warframe Schematic requires a Helmet, Chassis, Systems, Orokin Cell and File:Creditsicon.png 25,000.

When a Player claims a newly built Warframe from The Foundry, the Warframe will be added to an empty Warframe slot. Additionally, the four abilities of that Warframe will be added to the Player's inventory.

Forging WeaponsEdit

Weapons schematics require raw materials and Credits to build, and also have a build timer (this can be rushed with platinum if the player chooses at no penalty). The timer varies from weapon to weapon. Some schematics are only available as alert rewards.

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