Hacking is a technique used by the player to unlock doors after a lockdown, retrieve a data key from a console, or to seal a hull breach.


In order to perform a hack, you need to locate a hackable terminal, shown as a green diamond with a lock on the mini map, and press the action key.The player must align a random number of hexagons so that the lines on them match up. Left clicking rotates the tile the mouse is over clockwise while right clicking rotates it counter-clockwise. The player is given 18 seconds to perform the task. If failed, then a new cipher must be hacked. 
  • As of right now, at least two of the possible patterns are ambiguous, but can only be solved one way. Rotating the pieces that can fit in multiple ways can solve these puzzles. 

Using a Cipher will align 4 of the tiles immediately. A Cipher must be equipped in the player’s consumables slots before the game. It is a one-time use item and the number a player has on them is shown at the bottom of the screen. 

General InformationEdit

  • While hacking, a player is vulnerable to attack. It is best to clear a room, or have team mates protect you while hacking.
  • Multiple people can hack at different terminals for a lock down or breach at the same time and both will get a small amount of affinity (confirmed), but once it's completed it can no longer be attempted by anyone. Only one player can hack at a single terminal at a time.
  • Hacking stats can be seen in the in game profile as Quantity, failed hacks, and average time in seconds.
  • Hacker Challenge requires the player successfully hack one terminal.
  • When you start rotating 3rd tile "INTRUSION DETECTED" alert will appear. Currently it is impossible to solve Hacking challenge without it (The use of ciphers will prevent the "INTRUSION DETECTED" alert from appearing). It doesn't change anything in hacking progress.

Hacking VideoEdit

Hacking a console and completing the Hacker Challenge.

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