Mastery Level 0
Type Semi-Automatic Rifle
Base Damage 40.0
Base Firing Rate 4.2
Accuracy 28.6
Base Clip Size 15
Base Ammo Size 500
Base Reload Speed 2.4s
Base Critical Chance 7.5%
Base Critical Damage 150%
Polarities 18px
The LATRON is a highly efficient rifle that performs well at medium and at long range, its accuracy making it a deadly weapon in the hands of skilled marksmen.

–In-Game Description

The Latron is semi-automatic rifle with high accuracy and a moderate firing rate.



  • Very accurate
  • Easy to score headshots
  • High damage
  • Very efficient ammunition economy
  • One 18px slot
  • Appears to be a reduced-awareness weapon [need verification]


  • Slow base rate of fire
  • Reduced efficiency against large groups of enemies


The Latron can be purchased for File:Platinumicon.png 225 and the blueprint for File:Creditsicon.png 20,000.

Manufacturing Requirements
Resource Quantity
Morphics 2
Circuits 350
Alloy Plate 350
Salvage 900
Credits File:Creditsicon.png 20,000
Build Time 12 hours
Rush Build File:Platinumicon.png 35

Weapon LoadoutsEdit

Main article: Category:Latron Build

See the user build section for builds using this weapon.


  • Its low base rate of fire and magazine size makes it somewhat inadequate versus other rifles against the Infested unless you have a highly leveled Puncture.
  • Ice mods can slow attackers, making it easier to line up headshots while also keeping enemies at a comfortable range. 
  • Fairly weak at low affinity levels without mods; however at level 4 with an Orokin Catalyst equipped, a maxed out Serration Mod can be added, making it very powerful.
  • Very accurate; it is similar to the Snipetron and Vulkar with less damage and a higher rate of fire.
  • Don't try to be fully offensive before you level it up and mod it up some. Great for support.


  • Before update 7.11, it was available for purchase through the market, priced at 50,000 credits.


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