Login Reward is a randomly selected item given to the player for logging in that day. Upon logging in each day, players are eligible to spin for login rewards. The reward is available every day after 12 midnight (00:00), GMT, world wide. This means that a player can log in at 3pm PST and get a reward, and then log in at 4pm and get another reward. 

Random Selection[edit | edit source]

The reward is selected from a weighted random number generator (RNG). The quickly changing images of prizes is for effect, giving the "spinning wheel" feel to the reward. Clicking on the pictures has no effect.

The rewards come in denominations of 1 day (common), 3 day (common to uncommon), and 7 day rewards (common to rare). After receiving your first 7 day reward, the counter does not reset; instead every consecutive day logged in afterwards will bear more 7 day rewards.  However, a single day spent offline will reset the counter back to 1 day, therefore it is advised to log in each day whenever possible, regardless if one actually intends to play actively.

Current lists are incomplete, please add to them as more rewards become available.

Login rewards - 0-2 days in a row   [edit | edit source]

If you login 0-2 days in a row, you can receive one of following rewards each day:

Login rewards - 3-6 days in a row ★★[edit | edit source]

If you login 3-6 days in a row, you may get one of these rewards each day:

Login rewards - 7+ days in a row  ★★★[edit | edit source]

If you login 7 and more days in a row, you qualify for the best bonuses and gifts currently available:

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • As of patch 7.7.0, many players report getting items with the amount being 0. Others report simply not getting anything, or their login count gets reset randomly.
  • If you do not click on the picture and instead click outside of the picture, it will vanish.
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