Missions are the main game component in Warframe. One to four players can participate in the same mission as a Squad to complete the objective(s) and get to extraction. Each of the 207 missions has a specific pre-assigned objective, although the objective can change during the mission (this happens at random and is not limited to any known missions). The playable area in missions are randomly generated using pre-designed rooms and halls, and missions have a chance to include environmental hazards. Each mission is also normally populated by one specific enemy Faction, but it is possible for two different factions to appear in a mission and fight amongst them selves. Every mission also gives every player a Challenge Reward.

Mission CompletionEdit

Completion of the objective and successful extraction nets the player bonus experience, bonus credits, and the mission completion reward. It is necessary to complete the mission to retain items obtained during the mission such as mods, resources, and blueprints. Affinity is retained regardless of mission success, but bonus affinity will not be awarded.

Mouse over any node will give a mission description. This includes:

  • Target - The faction populating the mission.
  • Mission Type - The type of mission expected.
  • Levels - Range of the enemy levels expected.

The mouse over will also reveal the user name of a solar landmark to honor a "Grand Master" founder, shown in the bottom right of the planet info box. 

Planets have 8 to 26 missions displayed as nodes. Completing a mission will turn the node blue and unlock other missions connected to it displaying them as yellow nodes. Unavailable missions will be displayed as gray locks. The number of missions available to a player in a planet is given in the top right of the planet info box. Alert missions will only be viewable if the player has the node available.

Mission TypesEdit

There are currently 10 types of mission in Warframe. Sometimes, a second mission type and/or Secondary Objectives will randomly be included, but will not be known or made available until the first mission is completed. A list of all missions can be seen here.

An Explanation of each mission can be found through the navigation bar.

AssassinationCaptureDeceptionEndless DefenseExterminateMobile DefenseRaidRescueSabotageSpy
All MissionsEnvironmental HazardsMapsAlertsPickupsVoid


  • The missions are all named after real physical locations and objects that exist in the solar system as recognized by the International Astronomical Union.
  • The Corpus and Grineer have two different sets of rooms, and the infested can be found on either one.
  • When multiple factions appear on the map, they are generally hostile to one another.

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